Lana Parrilla at SDCC 2014

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Lana Parrilla at ComicOn 2014.
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Regina Mills Appreciation Week — Day 1: favourite persona
↳ Mayor Mills, during the curse
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regina mills appreciation week: day one
     ↳ favorite persona

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And then the doors at the far end of the BALLROOM fly open. Entering, wearing a flowing black gown, is… THE EVIL QUEEN. But this queen isn’t the hunched hag we remember from fairy tale lore. She’s BEAUTIFUL — yet terrifying. She carries herself with casual menace as she strides up the aisle toward the dais. Those assembled GASP in fear, parting like the red sea, lest her gaze fall upon them. (x)

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Regina Mills Appreciation Week — Day 1: Favourite Persona

Sassy Regina

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Q: So I want to know what has this year been like for you and how delicious has it been to play all these different sides of Regina?

Lana: It’s been awesome. So much fun. I love her arc, from where she started with this void in her heart and she was this badass evil queen. To realizing her potential to love someone… this someone… um… to fill the void.  [x]

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Just when it looked like [Regina] was kinda happy, everything got pulled out from underneath her again. (x)

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